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Imagery has been making photographs and pleasing clients since the 1970's, recently moved to Colorado. We offer a wide variety of services designed
to make your life and business easier including fine art reproduction, aerial photography, giclee prints, limited edition fine art prints, fine art scanning and more!.
From start-ups to established firms we offer the personal service and attention to detail that's become all too rare in today's busy workplace.
We are based in Colorado and there are many ways we can help your business grow and prosper and we'ed love to discuss your needs. As a "one stop shop" for graphics,
marketing and photography we offer the following services:

Fine Arts Reproduction:
Imagery works with many artists in various media, photographing their original art and making high quality limited edition and giclee prints that are faithful to the originals. Original art sizes can be up to 84' and our prints can be up to 44' wide by nearly any length. We shoot fine art on either film or digitally - or both depending on your needs for fine art reproduction.

Aerial Photography:
Imagery uses both fixed wing aircraft and helicopters to create eye catching aerial photos of your projects from the air. We carefully compose each shot and use a variety of angles and altitudes to deliver more than expected with our aerial photography.

Product Photography/Advertising Photography:
Imagery shoots both on location and in our large well equipped studio. Our cameras range from a 12 megapixel DSLR to a 385 Megapixel scanning back for a 4x5 view camera. Of course we have complete lighting for both in and out of the studio assignments with our Product and Advertising Photography.

Construction Photography:
Our construction photographer gets "up close and personal" with the action - whether it's on the ground, under it or above if in a lift. He is used to shooting around heavy equipment and is able to capture the action without holding up the construction.

Corporate Photography:
Executive portraits and company events are important, and the Imagery Group gives them the proper attention, imagination and attention to detail that they (and you) deserve!

The Imagery Group designs and produces print marketing co-laterals from a simple data sheet to full brochures and catalogs - all from concept to completion. Imagery makes advertising campaigns from the creative concepts through placement in the media, plus reprints and enlargements for trade shows.

Architectural Photography:
Whether shot with a 12 megapixel digital SLR, medium format, or a 4x5 view camera Imagery's images are always perspective correct. Imagery photographs buildings of whatever time the light is right, including evenings and early mornings. Structures can be imaged with either ambient (existing) light or with additional lighting brought in. The Imagery Group offers varying levels of photographic services to fit any budget.